Where does the fruit come from?

Açaí is traditionally native to the northern region of Brazil, and this fruit is used in cooking in different ways in each region of the country. Açaí, or açaí palm, originates from the Amazon region, in the state of Pará. And it is in Benevides, Pará, where our second industrial plant is located. It is there that the fruits purchased from the riverside communities are processed and prepared for the production of the açaí mixture.


To ensure product quality and promote the health of our customers, Polpanorte products pass through the pasteurization process, ensuring the elimination of all microbial load, extending the product's shelf life and preserving its nutrients.

Sustainable extractivism

For the Zeppone Group, an activity that deserves special attention is sustainable extractivism, reducing the environmental impact and favoring entire families or communities that depend on extractivism for their survival.

Sustainable projects

The Zeppone Group takes significant steps every year in its sustainable development projects, pursuing actions such as the reduction of water and energy consumption within the internal process of the industry, through strong investments in technologies applied to the production process.